Welcome to TrulySpacious.Zone ~ the newest trulyspacious project. 
I’m Jaihn, and this is my website, as of 30.1.2021.

In this fresh + lovely digital sandpit,
I’ve put together 4 galleries, + a blog space.

I’ll be playing around with it all, ongoingly.  Learning as I go.
I hope you’ll rest here awhile; explore, + enjoy. 
And return to savour the shifting sand-pixels, as + when.

trulyspacious artistry: multidimensional as ever, 
bringing some Beauty + Simplicity on through, for Now.
trulyspacious blogging: as dear Stevie Wonder is said 
to have said: “I’m still experimenting”.

Thank you for your visit. 
May you be nourished here. 
Keep Well, dears.

x  x  x

Fresh Words


Textile Explorations

Paint, Pages + Pixels




Here’s to rough vibrant edges, vital not-knowing, slightly skewwhiffyness, + having a go because it feels good.