I’ve noticed, in my sleuthings, that ‘About’s are, and, realistically, can only ever be, partial. So we don’t need a full confessional here, eh. Some of my historical ‘about’ might best be distilled into “She’s been through Quite A Lot”. And that would be putting it mildly. We can leave most of that on the side of the plate, now.

Let’s start instead on where it has all brought me to, in 2021.
My natural reclusiveness is currently rendered invisible, amongst a land (UK) in Lockdown. In a largely quieted World. Staying home + Getting On With Things has become the way of it for many. Supported by the many who are not staying at home to get on with things.

I’ve stayed at home, for the most part, for many years; content to potter along creatively + increasingly peaceably.
I had a headstart on the Covid-induced Quiet times. I figure that some things I’ve learned about in all this may be helpful to share, now.

Previously, I engaged with the World, on the ground, more. On wheels for over three decades, since age 25.
This Life began for me in Scotland. Central London became home for decades. I live in Norwich, England, now.

I :

  • adored creativity since I was a kid, in the 1960’s. Fuzzy Felt, Lego, Plasticine + PlayDoh, SpyroGraph, pipe-cleaners, crayons, felt-pens, + Magic Paint books were all in the formative mix. Photography began quite young too, thanks to my Dad’s deep love of it. 
  • did a foundation year at St Martin’s School of Art, in London, in the early 80’s. 
  • made project-art, for kid’s library story-times, + for Community Arts, in Aberdeen.
  • painted murals in Aberdeen + Aylesbury.  Late 80’s.
  • taught silk-painting to seniors, + movement to allsorts, in central London, in the 90’s.
  • was on an online scrap-book design team for a scrap-booking site.
  • exhibited my artistry (+ once performed) – in London + in Norwich, England.
  • created blogs and galleries online. 
  • had poems + articles published variously, in books, booklets, + magazines.

Along the way, I’ve explored painting, drawing, sculpture, print-making, wood-working, basketry, weaving, video-making, silk-painting, as mentioned, + all manner of stitching.
And papery arts, galore.
They’re all still on the menu. Any medium which calls me loud enough is likely to be brought centre-stage, when the time is right. The current centre-stagers are in the Galleries.

I’m also fond of curating. My pinterest boards are one ongoing curation zone.

All these lists, too, are likely partial. There are probably more doings + categories to add in. It gets like that, as time grows longer since I did things.
I may make blog-posts to share further about some of these ‘about’ Things. 

Overall – any trulyspacious project will reveal more of what it’s about, as Time unfolds.

Selling – Contact me if you would like to buy anything you see here, or if you have an idea you’d like to put to me.

In a recent call, a coach was excited by the prospect of my website. She’s an eloquent woman.
She said: “And you’ll be able to share some of your writing.  Your writing is so… it’s…. it’s…it’s….ohhh!….”,  and we laughed. Uhhhuhhhh.
I wished I had that call on video. It would have been the perfect testimonial for TrulySpaciousness.

“It’s so… it’s…. it’s…it’s….” may be as clear an ‘About’ as any, now, really.

Thank you. Keep Well  ~  x x x  ~  J a i h n  ~  January 2021.