April ShowPost

This is the first of what I’m aiming to make as perhaps a monthly ShowPost; of pics of creativities I’ve either completed, or am working on, overhere.
Currently, stitching is centre-stage, along with fabric curation, reclamation, deconstruction.

Some pieces will appear in several stages of making – transformation progressions keep happening.

It’ll be a way of rounding up some spinning plates too – stitchings may rest for a while, but I am still ‘stitching’ them, until I’m not.
So some Things may appear, unchanged visibly, in multiple monthly ShowPosts, if they are brewing.
This could be a useful way to see what’s calling me, what’s repeating, reflecting, echoing…

That’s what I’m thinking about it at the moment, anyways. As ever – we’ll see how it transpires, + tweak accordingly. ‘Bendy, With Discernment’, – ‘BWD’ – is a fresh name that I rustled up together with a coach, for my navigational style.

(Bonus blog-learning – I’ll get more acquainted with the pic-posting ways. Also I am rolling up my sleeves to get to figuring tags and categories. Working all the while on my relationship with the WordPress interface, too. At the moment, WP is playing it’s cards rather close to it’s chest – it can be tricky.)

Now, without further ado – some pics:

Flowers begin to show up, + a whole new round of curation is underway.
These little guys await deconstruction, ready to become New Things. Sweet Little Beings.

And now I realise, having wrangled these pics on through, that there needs to be another pic-taking session to bring the showing up to current. I’m going to post all this as-is, for now + will return with further developments. x x x

PS. ~ I returned! – to April ShowPost.2.

4 Comments on “April ShowPost”

  1. Oh, How exquisite these are!
    They are a visual garden of good things and delight!

    What an artist you are!
    Love, love, love and thank you!

  2. I love the idea of a monthly show post – so lovely being able to see the things you are creating, and how they continue to be.

    Bendy with discernment is such a good one!!


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