Today ~ Big Day in 2021 ~ My first Garden-Time Day. Because of Brightness + Warmth. The Beams, beckoning me to get busy with the reclaiming from Winter.

After a couple of hours of clearings, snippings, sortings; a moment of appreciation, which became A Moment, when Beloved Batty appeared, ~ Oh it’s a particular fond Thrill ~ and Then ~ Another Batty! ~ They flutter together, maybe Lovers, maybe a territorial dispute – either way, they are like Dolphins of the Evening Skies. And Then ! ~ 2 x Crow, behind 2 x Batty, all flying, enjoying the beginning-Dusk. And me, sitting enjoying all of it again.

My world changes immeasurably, when I can be comfortably in My Lovely Garden once again. The Blossoms are already fluttering down like Snowflakes. Another tender blessing, when petals land on skin. This Too Will Pass.

There are Many more pics. Let me see if I can whack-em-in. I’m tired, in a been-in-Fresh-Air way. x x x

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  1. Oh Lovely! While I have created an indoor garden, the outdoor garden is a bit of problem. Other’s have created gardens around me but I’ve yet to learn how to keep things alive in this heat!

    • I’ve been reflecting on this since I read it, Yolie. I have renewed appreciation of the cooler climate here, + the rain, + all the easy-green, + tender petals. I know you’ll find a way to make a lovely outdoor Garden there, in time. I always think of you + Scott, when I am clearing – I remember; way back, you posted, when you lived in the old house, that you’d spent the day together clearing, + it hadn’t made a bit of difference. It still makes me chuckle on days when gardening seems more like Crowd Control + Damage Limitation. x x x


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