First Post

I went for a rather whirlwind-ish, let’sdothisnow pounce approach to launching my new project.

Creative anxieties doing their predictable thing,  – and – the confidence that comes with a knowing that it’s just time, it’s ok, it doesn’t have to be every kind of perfect, it will be some kind of Divine. It’ll be ok.

I’ll want to talk further about assuaging creative anxieties, somewhere further along. I’m hoping I’ll want to talk further about many Things.

This fine creative sandpit – I made it with the skill and support of Bruce, and next I must learn to drive it myself ~ to mix metaphors, which I do, frequently.

Figuring the digital how-to’s is non-negotiable, for bringing more of me on through to share, here.  Like learning how best to hold a paintbrush, or a needle, to make marks + express in some medium – only not so sensually pleasing a process, digital driving, I find, at first. A bit less of a natural skill, a bit newer, + trickier.

Things might be visually clumsier than I would prefer, while I learn to drive. But it’ll be ok. I first learned previous blogging modes, in days when dial-up connectivity made excruciating scratchy sounds, and things took lonnnnnnng to work, and big heavy machines crashed frequently. A while ago. There were some other blog-adventures along the way since then – and, not for a few years.

It’s time again to just show up, and I’ll figure the rest as we go along. Thank you, who reads these words, who is a part of this ‘we’, here, now.

I’ll just mention + link Austin Kleon in my first post, too. His ‘Show Your Work’ book, in both audio+paper forms, was an encouraging catalyst to bring TrulySpaciousZone into being. I enjoy + learn from his eloquent creativity, ongoingly. Likely I’ll mention him again, too. His books + his blog are Good Things.

On We Go!

x x x J

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