May ShowPost

The first week of May came + went. 9th May 2021, here we are. Getting to the posting pics bit.
I’ve been thinking ongoingly about this, especially in this last week.
How what I am ‘doing’ isn’t always showable, and how some parts of the process are equally as attractive to me as the actual stitching.

Gathering Things is definitely one of my skills. Finding/figuring things to make into other things, things to help me make other things, things to optimally organise those things, and so on. Permutations, subtle tweaks, ongoing refinements. They’re all in the mix, all parts of ‘what I’m doing’.

(These pics are all in slideshow format – click any pic to see large version, then click side-arrows.)

Also, since the previous ShowPosts: exciting developments.
I worked a lot on a new pinterest board. It’s called ‘Girrl’, and this is what I wrote, there:

||| D r e s s D e t a i l s ||| S t i t c h S h a p e s ||| | | | C l o t h i n g C o n t o u r s | | | I n n e r G i r r l i s c h o i c e m a k e r | | | S h e L i k e s W h a t S h e L i k e s | | | x x x | | | (Board Begun April 2021)

I hope you will visit + enjoy the progressions, there.
(I make on laptop, so a big screen, with 4 images across. I don’t know how well it will translate to miniscreens.) It’s 273 images, currently. Girrl took me, is taking me, on a merry tour of allsorts.
Samurai meets Ballets Russes meets lovely frock-paintings meets quilting meets World Artistry.
And somehow, I am going to synthesise at least some of all that into what comes next, in the makings.

Let me show you the stitchings. For a while, I needed simple soothing stitching, and embellishing these two little dresses were what happened for that.

There are many frocks-in-waiting, and the clarifications, ideas + inspirations which came with doing the pinterest board, await actualisation.
Gathering, meeting, sorting, juxtapositions – I find them all enjoyable.

I also await the arrival of some Dolls + a toddler mannequin ~ for new stitch explorations.
Making into existing little dresses, with layers + layers, is calling.
Blessings on Ebay for letting me manifest these ‘Ooh!’ inspirations. It’s astonishing, the affordable Beauty I have found there. 99p goes a long way, sometimes.

Now, a little roundup of what now feels rather like ‘the previous chapter’ – the flat stitchings – some of which were in the April Showposts.
Stitches were done since then, + there will be still further stitchings into some of these, in time.

Finally, I want to show you these two Treasures. They needed no embellishment.
They simply needed to be hung in my hallway, a duet of marvellous Spring upliftment. They marked the transition, too, from the kid-dresses as fabric-source, to kid-dresses as existing fabulousness.

Thank you, for your visit – and for many kind encouraging words, both on here + in mails, about the ShowPosting.
Next one will be first week-ish in June, already. 7th June is my Birthday. I’ll aim to do this pre-that, and, as ever – we’ll see, (+ then we’ll see some more.)
It’ll be fresh Mercury Retro by then, too. Yay! My kinda backtofront flow!

I may get to posting some other Things, before then. There were a bunch of ideas which didn’t get included here, now. So if they continue to call to be shared, I’ll get to it.

Do please enjoy a sail through the Girrl board, too, if you will.
It’s lovely, + intrinsic to what comes next, I think.

Keep Well, Dears.

x x x

4 Comments on “May ShowPost”

  1. Love love love it! Those top pics are so delicious. And the sweet stitched frocks! I’m working on finding my stitch mojo again. I can’t seem to pry those hooks out of my hands. Lovely to come here and be inspired. Thank you.

    • Aw, Bless you Yolie – it really encourages me to keep on posting, to read your kind words. I love that you love! May those hooks be gone soon. I know you’ll create gorgeousness again – meanwhile, being gorgeous is good too! x x x

  2. Beautiful photographs 😍 I’m lucky, as I have seen it in reality. Stitches on dress give it character. I know you got more ideas, and I’m looking forward to next presentation 😊xx x


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