Painterly – July2012.3

Third of three July posts. First was LunaDora, then My Lovely Garden, now this.
Keeping it simple this month.

Reconnection with my friend Emilia, was a recent joy. We were art-students at St Martin’s, in central London, on our foundation year, in 1982. That year of experience informs me, still.

Emilia and I explored gelli-plate printing, one July Saturday. (Internet didn’t exist, last time we met. Now we are in Norwich + Madrid, and can make art together. I will never not be amazed by this possibility, no matter how many intercontinental calls happen.)
I’ve been pottering along, adding to the prints I did that day.
I also made a big rustly simple stapled book to splash in, + my initial warmup mark-making in there brought the particular ‘Yes: This’ that only paints, pens, inks, crayons + paper, in the right moments, bring.

(+ as always – click any pic below for large slide-show. Best viewed on laptop-ish screen.)

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