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I haven’t yet made this blog into quite the shape I want it to be. I don’t have the skills, yet. And it not looking/feeling Quite Right to my perfectionist eye/stylistic antennae, has brought me some procrastination about posting. I like the place to be fluffed up Like I Like it, so to speak. I find it more conducive to freeflow expression. But as I said in the earliest post, it’s ok. It’s enough, to do something with, for now. + As my Scottish Dad usedtosay, jokingly + exaggeratedly, because he didn’t actually have such a strong accent: “It’ll Do The Noo.” Which means: It will Do, for Now.

I’ve had many ideas which I didn’t Yet follow through on, for posts. Consequently, not having posted has brought an internal log-jam. Similar to the one on the external overhere: when I have so many possibilities attracting me to Do Something With Them, and only so much time, or energy, or focus, or whichever Thing is causing some not-Doing. I am an ideas factory, and they come exceptionally fast, sometimes. Prolific + Various. Learning to drive amidst a bunch of exciting inspirations ~ I suppose I will be doing this, for the duration. Discerning.

And things are happening here. All manner of stitchings are underway, and the unpicking, the curations. Really, there is a quiet steady whirlwind of creativity going on, and I aim to share more of this, here.

I’m going to bring just three pics in, to begin the flow, to jostle the log-jam along.

Next on my have-to-learn list is how 3 x pics can sit side by side. It’s a(nother) presentation frustration – and – I’m not going to let this minor unrealisable-right-now thing stop me posting SomeThing. A triumph of just-doing-it is happening here, too.

Some of the repurposing cotton palette I’m creating.
Spring is On The Way

~ It’ll Do, The Noo.

There is a Copious Generous Abundant fabric palette coming into being, + I’ll show more of that loveliness, + of the many Makings, here, soon.

Keep Well, Dears.

x x x

4 Comments on “something happening here”

  1. When you get There, you’ll know.
    Until such time just keep looking and working ahead. You’ve already stepped out, bravely, now just keep going.
    Love what you’ve done so far, content and presentation. Wishing much success on this new Adventure.
    Be safe. Be peaceful. See you soon. Sass

  2. I completely relate to the getting stuck when so many ideas come, with not enough time to action them all, especially to the standards we set for ourselves.

    Trust that whilst you may not post everything you think of, the things that are ready for you to share will make themselves known to you.


  3. Thank you, Sam. They’re pretty vocal, + I hear them – the lag between desirable + technically possible is one current Learning! Just-Do-It is helping. x x x


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